Trending Tools To Develop Cross-Platform Apps


The explosion of smart phone devices is offering variety of applications which are exhibiting a range of remarkable features. And the mobile industry has been offered multiple mobile operating systems with unique usability of such platforms. Mobile app developer’s job is as complicated as it is not easy to target multiple mobile app development like Mac iOS, Android mobile app development and many but you can try to do so. It will reduce development cost of the application. Each platform has its distinct features & functionalities so the developers should use a single code base that can run on multiple platforms.

It is essential for the developers to put more efforts in using their developing skills and move a step forward to cross the limitations of developing platforms. There’s availability of several mobile application tools that enables multi-platform app development as a simple & effective task. These tools reuse the code base and attempt a few modifications to target multiple platforms. These tools allow you to develop cross platform application and here are some of the tools useful in cross platform app development:


Kony enterprise mobile platform offers a slew of resourceful tools that enables the developers to develop applications using a single code base. It also allows the user to integrate the available libraries or third party libraries. It comprises drag & drop widgets and use JavaScript. You can even test its performance as the trial is available for free.


iFactr offers secure and valuable app for smooth and flawless interaction. It is an amazing cross platform app development tool that is simple and convenient to use. It is not too complex so you can easily get started with the tool and supports developing a precondition tool.


Whoop programming tool is interesting, easy to use tool and it is too effective that a person without developing skills can use it. But its performance is quite low in comparison to other apps. It also features a drag & drop button using WYSIWYG editor. It allows you to create desired look with UI elements.


It is the most famous framework to develop cross platform application development. It also implements JavaScript and HTML type standard languages. It is based on Apache Cordovo project and available for free to use.


It is a cross-platform development tool, where you can develop and manage an app for Android, Apple, and Windows. It uses a single shared C# code. The company’s cloud computing has provided an immense help for the developers as they can use cloud computing to test their application over hundreds of devices. Xamarin provides its own user interface development tool for the developers. They even provide online classes through the Xamarin University program.

Apache Cordova

It is one of the most amazing cross-platform development tool as it is the tool which powers the build process of most of the cross-platform mobile application development tools, and some of the paid tools as well. A lot of development tools use Apache Cordova to package a single codebase into a native application. It bundles up Java, CSS, and HTML into a client side package and the software then executes and render the custom code, and this process is called Hybrid.


It is another development tool which helps and support in the creating a cross-platform app using C#, Microsoft.NET, and the mono framework. To retain the coding of application, controller, and model across different platforms developers can use monocross. The developers can do it while they can play with the platform container. To be exact, a user-interface which delivers a native experience across all key platforms. It allows the porting of the app, which is an easy task comparing to build 2 different apps for the same.

Codename One

This cross-platform is widely used to create industry-based applications. It supports rapid application development. The basic language to write code in is Java, but while testing and verification, codename one’s simulator device would be used and some test automation tools. Some of the popular IDE’s like NetBeans, Eclipse, and IntelliJ IDEA are supported by this framework. The feature that attracts the most is that you can build a native iOS app without a Mac, or a native Windows app without a windows PC at your place. Codename one is usually used to create some iOS applications.


The cross-platform development tool is one of the older players in the market. But the use of the application has been a little confusing over the year. The latest version SAP 3.0 has rationalized a lot of confusion, where you can create an application using HTML5 codebase. The development tool has allied itself with Cordova, which provides developers all the help that a Cordova user prevails. And thus the app created a space in the list of trending tools to develop Cross-Platform Applications.

These are few examples of tools which are trending in the mobile app development industry and facilitating the users with responsive & cross platform apps.


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