Top Artificial Intelligence Trends To Watch In 2018

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People don’t understand the essentiality of Artificial Intelligence. But in today’s scenario web development companies are in a futile war, of creating the best AI, when they can actually collaborate and work together. Not just companies even the big shot countries are in the same race. They all have developed and achieved long past the first AI program and now every person, who owns a smartphone, has an AI guide to help them through their daily routine. Let us take a look at some of the best AI technologies for the year 2018.

1. Political Crossover

The discussion about how important AI has become for political parties is very easy, as the president of United States of America has proclaimed the jobs in the USA to be given to people from other countries, now AI has taken a major step in the development, a lot of people have already lost their jobs because of AI.

Now the midterm elections are on the edge, and the major role of that election will be played by AI.

2. Logistics

Big web development companies are using Artificial Intelligence for their logistics department, which means that the people working in the warehouses of these companies can soon be dismissed with the help of some hyper-functioning robotic arm and some mainstream AI program.

3. Self-Driving Cars

Passat, a car which could park itself and check the available parking options, was just the beginning when Tesla launched the first self-driving car and now even the hot-shots have entered the field. One of the best automotive companies “Audi” has released press notes to launch their first self-driving car in the year 2018. Audi R8 will be the first self-driving car of the big company.

4. Robo-Warriors

The Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA), the pioneers of World Wide Web, the agency which has provided us with google maps and made a common person’s life very easy with some of these amazing inventions. When they put their hands on the AI people have nothing more to say but the outcome will be marvelous.

DARPA has allied with Boston Dynamics to work alongside on a new machine popularly known as “Robots or Humanoid” to work as soldiers for disaster relief. This tech can be easily used in wars as well which will make the causalities a lot less in a war scenario.

5. Aiding workers

The AI will not just take the jobs of people, it can even work for providing some new jobs as well. Nearly all the call centers are using AI to record the calls between customers and the salesman. These apps can help the companies to provide a better customer service and make the best use of the resources.

So the upcoming year is going to be stunning and everyone will have a keen eye for the upcoming AI technologies.


Author: damiestechnologiescom

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