How Can You Install Android Oreo

Android Oreo

Latest android from the google is available online. All the android users had great expectations from Oreo the latest Android. And it has proven itself to be the best android so far. All the android app development companies started making changes to their apps according to the latest release. The apps now work faster and much more efficient in a lot of ways.

  1. The Kernel of the OS is set in such a way that all the apps now loads and works twice as fast as earlier
  2. The Auto fill is now available on the phone instead of getting stuck in just the browser i.e. any application can use the autofill within the app itself
  3. The Picture in Picture mode is an amazing feature in android oreo with the help of which you can use two apps at a time. Play a video bring it to a small screen and check your calendar at the same time
  4. Press and hold an app to see the unread notification and do lots more with fewer taps.

Though Oreo is not available for all the devices yet, you can still get a hold of it. There are a few ways to get your phone updated to Oreo.

The first way to update your phone is Over-the-air-update

The steps for this is simple,

  1. Go to settings
  2. Check the system updates
  3. If the update is out for your phone you can easily get your phone updated to Oreo.

The second way is a little trickier. Before going ahead and doing it make sure that your phone isn’t in a warranty as the second method will revoke the warranty of your phone.

First step: Become a developer

This part is easy, go to the settings and then to about phone. In the about phone menu at the bottom, you will see build number and tapping that 7 times will open the developer option on your phone.

Second part is now tricky: GO PRO

There are Android app development services who lets you use the apps easily and far better from their websites you can go check for the make and model of your phone.

Check how to flash your phone on different websites available online. Download the tool and flash your phone with the latest Android Oreo and enjoy the fruits of the app.


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