Android 7.0 Nougat, the Latest Google OS Features will Make your Life Easier

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The Android mobile app developers all around the world are trying to connect more people than present with quality Android mobile app development services. Likewise, Google has launched a great offering of Android 7.0 Nougat version to the smartphone world. It has been launched to facilitate the smartphone users with quality services and latest features for the ease of effective usability of android mobile apps and smartphones. Now the Google’s latest Android version Nougat has been out of beta. It will start rolling out all around the globe beginning with nexus devices.

Unlike the Marshmallow, the Nougat has come with a new user facing features including the ones which were strongly desired by the professional android app development teams and Android users as well. Here we are listing down the features that craved by most of the users. We will have a look on every latest feature introduced by the Google in Android N. The all new OS comprises a box of new features in terms of performance of battery, security, feasible usage, productivity, usability, accessibility, data notifications and more. Here are the most beneficial Android-N features that you must check:

Multi tasking support

Android-N will offer the Smartphone users to open and utilize two apps in split-window mode. It is not only available in nexus devices but also the devices qualifying for the update. It has supported multiple apps in the single window for longer. Google established it as a Native OS for Android with Nougat. It allows the OS to modify the display of different apps and also offers the user to recreate it too.

Interesting Google Keyboard

Android N has been featured with latest & interesting Google keyboard. Google search engine offered new & creative keyboard themes. There is one more interesting feature that the user can edit and customize according to their requirement. Like, one can add or remove borders between keys by adding colors and designs. It also combines latest emoji characters.

Recent apps buttons

If you are not enjoying the split view then there is one more feature that the Google have introduced which is recent apps button. It’s a great functionality that the Google has included in Android N. While pressing the recent app button UI will toggle all the recently opened application windows in between. It will going to be most feasible for the multi-tasker.

Feature of Picture in picture

Android N has come up with a feature in which you can minimize the YouTube app video to the corner of screen and enjoy browsing the other options.

Revamped Notifications & respond directly

This version combined a latest feature named as revamped notifications. This notification panel is one of the strongest parts of this Android version. Apart from a great look, it features direct reply, bundled notification and more on display.
Direct reply button featured in marshmallow version. You can reply directly on actionable notification and a supported app. You can simply click on the reply button and make a reply without opening the app directly from the notification panel.

Bundled notification

The android mobile app developer will combine bundled notification from the app and transfer into one. The user can even access each notification specifically and expand to read or reply.
Including these features, it also provides better battery life, upgraded native file manager, and blocks the phone numbers at the system level. So try and utilize the advanced version of Android OS in your smart phone for a better experience.


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