List of Free & Open Source Database Software

Database software stands for techniques which are designed for creating databases and managing & storing the information in it. That’s why it is considered as DBMS (Database management System). Database software tools are used to facilitate the user to store, extract, and modify the data and helps in searching the information stored within the data.

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Such database tools are used for various reasons in the market as you can keep records of your client’s details, enrolling & registration, keeping list of content and variety of lists to manage records online. Many professional web development companies  are associated with database software and here we are listing down most popular open source database software which is available for free in the market to keep your business on budget:

Cubrid software

Cubrid manager powerful database administrator tool is an open source and priceless option that is specifically enhanced for web applications. It is used to maintain complex web services that process large amount of data and generate giant concurrent list. This software is developed using C. it offers advantages like multiple granularity locking, online backup, database replication etc. but it doesn’t work with Apple system.


  • It offers multiple granularities locking to help save your object that contains another object.
  • It provides you with online backup.
  • A lot of GUI tools and drivers for developers for example python or pearl
  • 24/7 web service available
  • It also supports native DB shredding where large systems divide data over multiple databases

Anything can’t be all good there have to be some loopholes so,


  • It is not compatible with Apple products.
  • It lacks the script debugger.
  • The manual of the database comes with just two language English and Korean.


This software tool can run on Linux, Windows, & various UNIX platforms. This relational database features ANSI SQL standards. It supports Super Classic, Classic, Super-saver, and Embedded architectures. It enables the user with variety of development tool and traces API for real time monitoring. But its Windows trusted authentication is lacking in comparison to other solutions.


  • Trance API for real-time monitoring.
  • It has the authentication of windows trusted software.
  • It supports 4 different architectures: Super Classic, Classic, Super Server, and Embedded.
  • It also provides different development tools.
  • It provides an Automatic sweep option which helps in cleaning the database
  • It provides you with the notification from database triggers.
  • It provides free online support as well.


  • It does not provide the support of integrated replication.
  • It lacks a must-have feature of integration with another database.
  • It does not have a window-trusted authentication.

Maria DB

Maria DB is developed by the SQL team and it is used by the most popular web giants like Facebook, Wikipedia, and Google. It is a database server that offers database replacement functionality and data security is the prime concern for its developers. High scalability with easy integration, real time access, alternate storage engines and server optimizations are some of the advantages.


  • Provides high scalability with integration of different database
  • You can have a real-time access to your database from all around the world.
  • It works on the core functionality of MySQL, in other words, Maria DB is an alternate source of MySQL.
  • It provides alternate storage engines, some good server optimizations and a lot of good patches.
  • Maria DB has been operating an extensive knowledge base which has been compiling over the past 20 years.


  • It does not give you the opportunity or facility to have a password complexity plug-in.
  • There are no Memcached interface and any optimizer trace.



It was discovered in 2007 and also known as the database for giant ideas. The great news about MongoDB, it is downloaded 15 million times and supported by more than 1000 partners. MongoDB offers document validation, Encrypted storage engine, and used in mobile & content management.


  • With the help of document validation, it provides you an amazing interface.
  • The storage engines are encrypted for a securer platform.
  • It is commonly used for Mobile applications, Product Catalogs, and Content Management
  • There is a beta version for some real-time apps with in-memory storage engine.
  • It helps in reducing the time between primary failure and recovery.


  • The applications that need complex transaction aren’t completely fit.
  • There is no drop-in replacement for legacy applications


MySql is owned by Oracle. It’s paid versions are available too that offers additional features like automatic scaling & cluster geo replication. The basic advantages, associated with it, are host based verification, can be accessed even in unavailability of network.

PostgreSql, SqlLite etc. are also mostly used database programs that are open source as well as freely available.


  • It provides a host-based verification
  • It is available offline.
  • The password system is flexible along with the privileges provided
  • Encryption for all password protected traffic.


  • Doesn’t give a feel that MySQL is free anymore.
  • The members do not have the privilege to fix bugs or craft patches

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