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Setting up Your Ecommerce Website? Check These Important Factors

E – Commerce website becomes an important business these days. The e – commerce website are best source of income these days and this led to setting up more e – commerce websites. With this demand many web development company in Jaipur are offering high quality services.

If you thinking about setting up an e – commerce website then you must first know about all merits and demerits of setting up an e – commerce website helps you a lot. In this era the setting up your e – commerce website can be a best idea if it executed with full preparation and study. Let us look the facts that you should keep in your mind while setting up your e – commerce website like –


  • Before setting up any e – commerce website you must carefully study about the existing e- commerce website. And if your idea matches with someone’s idea then first list out the demerits in that website. Then solve these demerits during the time when you execute your idea. And also list out the points that are missing in the existing website and try to sort out those problems when you implement and launch your own e – commerce website. 
  • Before setting up your e – commerce website you must first study about the risk factors. The risk factors report can also save you from failure. It will also help you to calculate success rate for your e – commerce website. The risk analysis report helps most of the business to survive in market by initially analyzing risk that is related to your business of e – commerce website. 
  • If you are setting up an e – commerce website with a unique idea then first you must list out all the criteria’s of your idea. You must first figure out that what basically you want then after that must decide your target audience and then move further with these analyses. 
  • Before implementation of website you must complete all the paper work. You must prepare a document or a document file that contains all the scenario’s that you want to implement in your website. By doing this you will be capable of implementing all your planned scenario’s without missing any scenario. Once you write all scenario’s you will also able to judge all flow of website and capable of easily listing out the missing scenario’s. So you can easily find out your missing in starting only and can easily implement same. It will save you from further mess ups. 
  • After implementation you must completely check functionality by testing all your scenario’s that you have decided. 
  • After that you can do digital marketing and simple marketing for your e – commerce website that will bring user to your website and increase traffic on your website.

If you start any business either e – commerce business with full planning and by initially analyzing things at very micro level then it will definitely take you towards success and decreases the chances of failure that’s why it is very important to do complete analysis before starting any business.

Best Frameworks for e – Commerce Website Development in 2019

The e – commerce business is basically a commercial transaction that involves the transfer of information across the internet. It covers a range of different – different type of businesses which includes business like business from consumer based retail sites, music websites, exchanging trading goods and services between corporations. In today’s scenario e – commerce business is the most important aspects of internet to emerge. E – Commerce or Electronic Commerce allows consumers to exchange goods and services electronically with no barriers or limit of time or distance. In past few years e – commerce has expanded rapidly and will continue to grow at this rate or even accelerate more. So this increasing rate also demands more e – commerce websites and thus it also increases the rate of development. Now after that the next thing that comes to our mind is what are best frameworks for e – commerce website development, that can make our e – commerce website more effective in terms of accessibility and cost.web development company in India

Best Frameworks for e – Commerce Website

E – Commerce websites are developed on multiple frameworks. These frameworks help to easily design and developed multiple websites. Mostly e – Commerce websites are developed on the latest e – commerce platforms. For developing an e – commerce website mostly those frameworks and platforms are used that contains all the standards and functionalities for e – commerce website. Let’s have a look on some of these frameworks that are used for developing e – commerce website is: –

  1. Magneto: – Magneto is the most commonly and widely used tool for e – commerce website development. Almost around 17% of the e – commerce website across the globe is built on the Magneto framework. Magneto leads the open source charts as it have wide community support and also have features like robust and also have full control over design.
  2. Woo Commerce: – For the development of WordPress website Woo Commerce is considered as the best leading platform by the WordPress community also. Today many e – commerce website are developed on the WordPress platform. If anyone have basic knowledge about WordPress then they can easily integrate Woo Commerce and manage their products easily.
  3. Open Cart: – Opencart is the most preferred framework today . Mostly the small startups and small business preferred this framework. The reason behind that why this framework used by startups and small business is that this framework can easily handle with a little bit programming experience. Also this framework is easy to use and simplicity to control the backend functionality of OpenCart. It is popular amongst developers as it is easily accessible and have less complex features.

Apart from these there are many more frameworks like PrestaShop, Bagisto, Virtualmart, osCommerce, Zen – Cart, SpreeCommerce which can also used for development of e – commerce website. Every framework has got some uniqueness and the use of these framework mostly based upon their specific needs. So the best framework for e – commerce website depends on your needs and size of your project.

3 Tactics to Improve Your Conversion Rates for E-commerce Websites

When it comes to advertising an eCommerce website, a creative marketing campaign won’t suffice. It really doesn’t matter how creative it is or how unique your concept is, appreciation won’t earn you revenue. It is substantial as a business brand that people go for clicking those ads and not just admiring them.

You probably have heard about the term CRO which is conversion rate optimization which is all about increasing the number of clicks on your ads. So now the question arises how significant is CRO for the digital marketers of e-commerce stores. The answer is it is very significant and you can see that the marketers of top online stores plan their entire campaign majorly revolving around good CRO. So for this post, we thought of sharing with you a few tactics you can adopt to improve your conversion rates on your e-commerce website. Here it goes:

web development company in Jaipur

  • Use CTAs as they can literally make a difference

CTA as per the current marketing strategy is very significant. You can see every marketer emphasizing on it while planning every e-commerce marketing strategy. They are even suggesting using multiple CTS for the landing pages.

CTAs are transferred in imperative language which influences the perception of customers for your brand on a great extent. So the first tactic that you have to work on include, including multiple CTA for your homepage as well as for your landing pages.

  • Give special attention to product description over its features

You might stumble upon the practice followed by many online stores where their whole focus is on the product and mentioning its features. Merely stating the features of the product on your eCommerce websites won’t help you in the long run. You need to have a proper description of the product as it will majorly influence the conversion rate.

With a worded description of the product, you can even spread the voice of the business brand. Description of the product is more comprehensive and hence is easy to comprehend as well. You have described so much about yourself and services you offer and describing the product means to ensure that every web page is in sync which automatically promotes conversions.

Instead of going for stating features of the product in bullet points, you should go for a description which looks more easy and natural.

  • Web design won’t solely affect your conversion rate

As a leading web design company in India, we would say that web design is obviously substantial for any website. They are important to keep the users engaged. But what if your site hasn’t anything worthy to deliver? Your web design won’t be a rescue. As long as we talk about in the context of virtual aesthetics, web design is important, but for conversion, you need more than appealing web design. You should offer something significant to your users. You have to make your customers want your product and not your website.

These are the three tactics that we as the leading web development company suggest to incorporate for better conversion rates.

Trending Tools To Develop Cross-Platform Apps

The explosion of smart phone devices is offering variety of applications which are exhibiting a range of remarkable features. And the mobile industry has been offered multiple mobile operating systems with unique usability of such platforms. Mobile app developer’s job is as complicated as it is not easy to target multiple mobile app development like Mac iOS, Android mobile app development and many but you can try to do so. It will reduce development cost of the application. Each platform has its distinct features & functionalities so the developers should use a single code base that can run on multiple platforms.

It is essential for the developers to put more efforts in using their developing skills and move a step forward to cross the limitations of developing platforms. There’s availability of several mobile application tools that enables multi-platform app development as a simple & effective task. These tools reuse the code base and attempt a few modifications to target multiple platforms. These tools allow you to develop cross platform application and here are some of the tools useful in cross platform app development:


Kony enterprise mobile platform offers a slew of resourceful tools that enables the developers to develop applications using a single code base. It also allows the user to integrate the available libraries or third party libraries. It comprises drag & drop widgets and use JavaScript. You can even test its performance as the trial is available for free.


iFactr offers secure and valuable app for smooth and flawless interaction. It is an amazing cross platform app development tool that is simple and convenient to use. It is not too complex so you can easily get started with the tool and supports developing a precondition tool.


Whoop programming tool is interesting, easy to use tool and it is too effective that a person without developing skills can use it. But its performance is quite low in comparison to other apps. It also features a drag & drop button using WYSIWYG editor. It allows you to create desired look with UI elements.


It is the most famous framework to develop cross platform application development. It also implements JavaScript and HTML type standard languages. It is based on Apache Cordovo project and available for free to use.


It is a cross-platform development tool, where you can develop and manage an app for Android, Apple, and Windows. It uses a single shared C# code. The company’s cloud computing has provided an immense help for the developers as they can use cloud computing to test their application over hundreds of devices. Xamarin provides its own user interface development tool for the developers. They even provide online classes through the Xamarin University program.

Apache Cordova

It is one of the most amazing cross-platform development tool as it is the tool which powers the build process of most of the cross-platform mobile application development tools, and some of the paid tools as well. A lot of development tools use Apache Cordova to package a single codebase into a native application. It bundles up Java, CSS, and HTML into a client side package and the software then executes and render the custom code, and this process is called Hybrid.


It is another development tool which helps and support in the creating a cross-platform app using C#, Microsoft.NET, and the mono framework. To retain the coding of application, controller, and model across different platforms developers can use monocross. The developers can do it while they can play with the platform container. To be exact, a user-interface which delivers a native experience across all key platforms. It allows the porting of the app, which is an easy task comparing to build 2 different apps for the same.

Codename One

This cross-platform is widely used to create industry-based applications. It supports rapid application development. The basic language to write code in is Java, but while testing and verification, codename one’s simulator device would be used and some test automation tools. Some of the popular IDE’s like NetBeans, Eclipse, and IntelliJ IDEA are supported by this framework. The feature that attracts the most is that you can build a native iOS app without a Mac, or a native Windows app without a windows PC at your place. Codename one is usually used to create some iOS applications.


The cross-platform development tool is one of the older players in the market. But the use of the application has been a little confusing over the year. The latest version SAP 3.0 has rationalized a lot of confusion, where you can create an application using HTML5 codebase. The development tool has allied itself with Cordova, which provides developers all the help that a Cordova user prevails. And thus the app created a space in the list of trending tools to develop Cross-Platform Applications.

These are few examples of tools which are trending in the mobile app development industry and facilitating the users with responsive & cross platform apps.

Top Artificial Intelligence Trends To Watch In 2018

People don’t understand the essentiality of Artificial Intelligence. But in today’s scenario web development companies are in a futile war, of creating the best AI, when they can actually collaborate and work together. Not just companies even the big shot countries are in the same race. They all have developed and achieved long past the first AI program and now every person, who owns a smartphone, has an AI guide to help them through their daily routine. Let us take a look at some of the best AI technologies for the year 2018.

1. Political Crossover

The discussion about how important AI has become for political parties is very easy, as the president of United States of America has proclaimed the jobs in the USA to be given to people from other countries, now AI has taken a major step in the development, a lot of people have already lost their jobs because of AI.

Now the midterm elections are on the edge, and the major role of that election will be played by AI.

2. Logistics

Big web development companies are using Artificial Intelligence for their logistics department, which means that the people working in the warehouses of these companies can soon be dismissed with the help of some hyper-functioning robotic arm and some mainstream AI program.

3. Self-Driving Cars

Passat, a car which could park itself and check the available parking options, was just the beginning when Tesla launched the first self-driving car and now even the hot-shots have entered the field. One of the best automotive companies “Audi” has released press notes to launch their first self-driving car in the year 2018. Audi R8 will be the first self-driving car of the big company.

4. Robo-Warriors

The Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA), the pioneers of World Wide Web, the agency which has provided us with google maps and made a common person’s life very easy with some of these amazing inventions. When they put their hands on the AI people have nothing more to say but the outcome will be marvelous.

DARPA has allied with Boston Dynamics to work alongside on a new machine popularly known as “Robots or Humanoid” to work as soldiers for disaster relief. This tech can be easily used in wars as well which will make the causalities a lot less in a war scenario.

5. Aiding workers

The AI will not just take the jobs of people, it can even work for providing some new jobs as well. Nearly all the call centers are using AI to record the calls between customers and the salesman. These apps can help the companies to provide a better customer service and make the best use of the resources.

So the upcoming year is going to be stunning and everyone will have a keen eye for the upcoming AI technologies.

How Can You Install Android Oreo

Latest android from the google is available online. All the android users had great expectations from Oreo the latest Android. And it has proven itself to be the best android so far. All the android app development companies started making changes to their apps according to the latest release. The apps now work faster and much more efficient in a lot of ways.

  1. The Kernel of the OS is set in such a way that all the apps now loads and works twice as fast as earlier
  2. The Auto fill is now available on the phone instead of getting stuck in just the browser i.e. any application can use the autofill within the app itself
  3. The Picture in Picture mode is an amazing feature in android oreo with the help of which you can use two apps at a time. Play a video bring it to a small screen and check your calendar at the same time
  4. Press and hold an app to see the unread notification and do lots more with fewer taps.

Though Oreo is not available for all the devices yet, you can still get a hold of it. There are a few ways to get your phone updated to Oreo.

The first way to update your phone is Over-the-air-update

The steps for this is simple,

  1. Go to settings
  2. Check the system updates
  3. If the update is out for your phone you can easily get your phone updated to Oreo.

The second way is a little trickier. Before going ahead and doing it make sure that your phone isn’t in a warranty as the second method will revoke the warranty of your phone.

First step: Become a developer

This part is easy, go to the settings and then to about phone. In the about phone menu at the bottom, you will see build number and tapping that 7 times will open the developer option on your phone.

Second part is now tricky: GO PRO

There are Android app development services who lets you use the apps easily and far better from their websites you can go check for the make and model of your phone.

Check how to flash your phone on different websites available online. Download the tool and flash your phone with the latest Android Oreo and enjoy the fruits of the app.

Common Myth About Mobile Advertisements

The use of mobile phones has grown drastically with enthusiasm and it has become the need of the hour. The digital advertising companies are taking this as the great opportunity for improving the lifestyle of the people. The development of mobile phones has greatly improved and it is used for managing good results. It is highly helpful for those that are mainly using mobile phones in their daily life. The mobile modelers and advertising agencies are looking forward for improving these techniques. It will create best benefits and could help you with profitable results that are used for managing these things.

Major shift in mobile phones

These days’ people are in need of something different and they would like to make use of these things. They have changed their perspective towards their advertisements and also have become the creative industry which is simple to be used. You should know about the common Myths about mobile advertising as it is the easiest thing that could be learned. The budget of advertisements has increased drastically with the development of things. Brand owners are ready to spend huge money in this process and they should carefully address the problems prevailing with it.

Leveraging benefits could be easily solved with these better benefits and one should be able to make better use of these services.

Mobile ads are convincing customers to spend less

  • Customer friendly approach is the common trick followed and also it is found that most of the advertisements are trending.

  • The mobile phones are highly portable so that it could be taken to wherever you go and you can easily do whatever you want.

  • The brands promote mobile apps as it is being used for managing their advertisements and could help you with perfect results.

  • It can easily convert different formats which is simple to be used.

  • The common myth is that native mobiles are not up to the mark and so it is even branding the use of modern mobile phones.

  • The online mobile ads are not found in the native mobiles and so it is done with these things.

  • Standardized set of formats has been found here and it is used for creating simple, creative and advanced use of these things.

  • Banners will not work is the myth but the real truth is that the use of digital banners has been greatly increased which is simple to be done.